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Quality food for a soft coat, great energy, and perfect poops

When I first got my pup, Tuna, in April, I put her on this minimal ingredient, grain inclusive, air-dried and not heat extruded food. However, my vet didn’t approve of anything uncooked but I couldn’t find any kibble that met my quality standards and requirements (kibble, high quality ingredients, gut health focused, omega/salmon content, etc). Then, I found dog’s coat is regularly commented on by strangers and friends because it feels so soft - she is a husky shepherd mix so her top coat is normally quite coarse - and that certainly wasn’t the case with other foods we tried. She loves the smaller sized kibble because she’s a dainty eater and usually ends up having to carry normal kibble to a different spot to messily break it into smaller pieces, leaving a mess for me. She has phenomenal energy levels and last but not least, her poops are perfect 99% of the time. So, why 4 stars? Well the price can be hard to stomach at times - i got laid off because of Covid and I will likely have to swap for a cheaper food for a while. Second, she has become an increasingly picky eater when it comes to her meals and she really doesn’t care for the toppers (she’s not a fan of fruits and veggies unless they’re sweet potato or peas). So, I wish there were other options or a way to not buy the toppers. Overall, we’re very pleased :))


Zoey loves it!

Our chihuahua is an extremely picky eater. We waste a lot of food but she loves heed!


Only Food My Dog Will Eat

I searched and searched and searched for a healthy food for my dog who has a sensitive stomach and is extremely picky. I cant keep enough food in my house because my dog loves it so much and everything about her stomach is completely better. I recommend this food to everyone and anyone when the topic of dog food comes up. Its good stuff and Im happy I found Heed foods.


Has helped with breath!

Pro’s: - quality ingredients - kibble has a pleasant smell - has helped a ton with dog’s breath - convenient autoship Con’s: - wish they came in larger size bags, lower cost - wish they had larger breed formula with focus on joint health as well as larger kibble size. My 77 Lb lab inhales his food



When I got my 3 month old toy poodle puppy, he was vomiting, get Giardia. After his treatment and being cured from Giardia, he still was vomiting and I noticed he was very itchy. The vet told me that his food was very bad and he had some allergy to it. When I changed to Heed Foods, he was no longer vomiting, and literally loved the food. His itching went away and I am amazed by the quality of this food. They are the best quality and I can feel that.