We’re Rei and Melanie.
LA locals. Business school grads. Diehard dog lovers.

Origin Story

As pup parents ourselves, we’re well aware of how many dog food brands claim to use good ingredients—and how few actually do. Instead of wasting precious time with our pooches by worrying about what was going into their mouths, we decided to do something about it. We took heed.

Working with leading canine microbiologists and animal nutritionists, we developed a range of healthy, high quality kibble that would do good for our dogs, inside and out. And taste tail-waggingly great.

These days, we spend less time fretting about our four-legged family members, and more time playing with them instead. And, thanks to good nutrition, we’ll have more years to love them too.

A dog’s love is unconditional. At Heed, we want to make sure we’re deserving of that love.

  • We put your pooch first. Unconditionally. Pups over profits. Dogs over dollars. Mutts over moula. A long and happy life is our greatest KPI.
  • We are nutritious. Unconditionally. Real, fresh meat sourced from North America is our number one ingredient. Which makes us pretty delicious, too.
  • We minimize waste. Unconditionally. In the way we make our food. In how long it keeps on your shelf. And in ensuring that even the pickiest pups will lick their bowl clean.
  • We are scientific. Unconditionally. Rigorous testing ensures our ingredients do exactly what they say on the box.
  • We are transparent. Unconditionally. And we hope to lead the rest of the pet food pack in the same direction.