2021 is looking bright

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2021 is looking bright ✨

We’re all excited for a fresh start, and we asked the dog parents in our community what they’re looking forward to doing with their dogs and families in the coming year. From new furry family members to being more active and adventurous, here's what they had to say.

“We're looking forward to so many adventures in 2021!

First, we have plans to go hiking at the Valley of Fire State Park which we hear is super dog-friendly. Second, if possible, we'd like to go sledding in the snow. Zooey has never seen snow, so fingers crossed we can make this happen. And third, we're really looking forward to welcoming a baby brother (in the Spring) for Zooey. We're still thinking of names, but we're considering a name that starts with "Z".

- Candy & Zooey

“I’m looking forward to cuddling constantly, kisses, taking better care of her teeth, and maybe taking her to Hawaii!!!”

- Em & Olive

“We’re getting a ragdoll kitten in March and I’m really looking forward to completing our family with a cat-like dog and a dog-like cat, and seeing them hopefully becoming the best of friends!!”

- Kitsune and Katie

“Crossing my finger and Bienna’s paws on sound vaccine distributions everywhere so we can carry on with our lives full of adventures in nature and fun times with family + friends.”

- Jenny + Bienna

“We look forward to taking Hilo on his first hike in the spring, and his first trip to the snow in the winter!”

- Hilo + Family

“Dallas recently moved from the big city to a horse community! He is very afraid of his new four-legged friends, but I’m excited to socialize him with them slowly. I know Dallas will learn to play and snuggle up with them soon!”

- Jackie + Dallas

“I’m looking forward to slowing down and being more present when spending time with Willy. Like everyone else, I was at home more than ever in 2020, and I learned to cherish the small moments together - playing fetch with his favorite toy, picnic-ing outside in our neighborhood park, cuddling while binging Netflix, licking my tears away, etc. When things return to “normal,” I’m looking forward to carving out intentional time to be at home together.”

- Gabby + Willy

“I look forward to all the challenges a puppy brings and the new friend I’m about to gain. After a year of so much loss it will be so nice to get to know Dagger, plus look how handsome he is!”

- Darby + Dagger

"Traveling! Definitely traveling more. We flew for the first time together in 2020 and it went great!

She went to the beach for the first time and we found out she’s scared of the waves. It was shocking to us because she’s fearless! Just experiencing different parts of the world was so surreal and fun we cannot wait for the next! Hopefully in 2021 things get better and we can go on lots of adventures together!”

- Jisu + Molly

"Rindo is our first puppy! We’ve had dogs before, but she’s just shy of 3 months old coming into 2021 - watching her grow up is going to be the most exhausting, and rewarding part of the year. We’ve wanted a dog who could come flying into the backcountry, camping with us off the grid, but also be just as comfortable holding a down stay while 30 people mill around during a cocktail party. Who knows if 2021 will have cocktail parties, but we’re excited to use the downtime to focus on training, and strengthen the bond with our growing pup."

- Evan and Rindo