2020 was *ruff*. We got through it with the help of our dogs.

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2020 was ruff. We got through it with the help of our dogs.

Our dogs have watched us cry, laugh and take them on a million walks this year just to get out of the house. They've been delighted to have us permanently installed in the house with them and given us the according amount of cuddles and love in return.

In reflection, we asked our community about how they got through 2020 with their dogs by their side. In a year of crisis, dogs served as a wonderful reminder of the present moment.

Read how different dog parents in our community have made it through with the support of their best furry companions.

“New friends! The pandemic has made it extremely hard to meet new people, but I was able to foster some really great friendships through the interesting and wonderful humans I met through Rara’s doggy friends at the park.”

Rei Kawano, co-founder of Heed Foods + Rara

"I got Morty in the middle of the pandemic, and he has given me a never ending source of happiness and entertainment. I can literally watch him doing nothing for hours on end and never get bored. He loves me unconditionally and we're always happy just being around each other. I bring him absolutely everywhere I go. He also forces me to be more active and stick to a schedule. We go on runs and hikes together and get to feel less disconnected from the rest of the world!”

Melanie Han, co-founder of Heed Foods + Morty

"Charlie is a godsend. It’s been a rough year, but she kept me company when I was completely isolated, kept me smiling, and gave me structure (...aka a reason to leave the house)."

Morgan Light, Designer and Charlie

"Not only did I think that I would never have a pet, but I was actually strongly against having a dog until I finally gave in to Grace who wanted us to get a puppy. Now I'm totally in love with our mini aussie, Pancake, and he's been a source of everyday joy for us."

Tom Lew, Photographer, Grace Kwon, Location Scout, and Pancake

“In my deepest, most depressive moments, Ghost gave me a way to get out of my head and into my body. Petting her, knowing that she had no idea what was going on but loved me regardless during the moments where I felt the most unlovable, was one of the best supportive touch-points had during the pandemic. I grew so much and Ghost was there every step of the way, whether it be for an excuse to breathe fresh air or to cuddle during crying fits.”

Jess Tran, Head of Brand Marketing at Heed Foods, Ghost

“Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, it was such a scary, emotional, uncertain time for everyone and Basil, no matter what was happening, still woke us up every morning with her goofy, happy smile while running to go grab three toys to bring to us in bed to immediately start playing fetch or tug. With so much out of our control, her consistent playful attitude reminded me to keep a spirit of positivity in our home. Her daily (distanced) walks multiple times a day really pushed us to go outside for a few minutes of fresh air and gave such a sense of routine even on days when it felt like all routines went out the window."

- Jennifer Paccione, Creative Director at Ceremonia and Basil

“Bida has been a source of joy and comfort for us since she came into our lives nearly four years ago, but I truly can’t imagine the past year without her by our side. During this tumultuous, chaotic and trying year, one of the greatest things she’s done is helped us maintain a crucial sense of stability. Every morning, when my husband wakes up at 6:30 and shuffles into the kitchen to make coffee, Bida immediately steals his spot in bed, curling up right under the covers with me until I wake up at a decidedly more respectable hour. She notices if we work too late - (so easy to do when there’s no commute home to worry about) - whining urgently to indicate that it’s past time to retire to the living room. The simple fact of her presence has often kept me from giving in to the anxiety and hopelessness of the year. When our cat of 15+ years suddenly died over the summer (ok not suddenly... we think he was at least 20 years old...) and it seemed like too much to bear on top of everything else,  Bida patiently waited out my grieving period, as long as I occasionally snapped out of it long enough to play with her in the backyard. The best thing about dogs is that if you let them, they love you the exact same every day."

- Sarah and Mike Marzano, and Bida

“Björk made me truly explore and rediscover my neighborhood in ways I've always dreamed of. I am obsessed with Greenpoint, but because I'm the type of person who is normally always booked and busy and running around with a proclivity to never do the same thing twice, I feel like I never became a local in the way I had hoped. But getting to work from home meant walking Björk three times a day near my apartment. Because she is so social and loves to run into bars, shops, and restaurants to get pets and treats I have a whole new set of friends hundreds of feet from my home at all these great go-to spots.“

- Tara Gonzalez, Commerce Editor at InStyle Magazine and Björk

"Croissant has been the best during quarantine. Usually, I am not able to spend as much quality time with her as I’m running to work or working late, so her dog walkers would lead, but having her around has been a great support. I’ve done zoom and conference calls while in the park with her or long walks which also keeps me active.”

- Sandrine Charles, Founder of Sandrine Charles Consulting and Croissant